How Does it Work?
How Does it Work? How Does it Work?
FOR CHILDREN OF ALL AGES HootLoot is a web based app for children and parents. Children develop essential financial habits and learn all about money through the regular use of HootLoot's tools and features.
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PLANNING, BUDGETING AND SAVING With an emphasis on financial literacy and packed with educational tools and resources, HootLoot helps children learn crucial money management skills before it's too late! Savings goals, wish-lists, budgeting & planning tools, spending summaries and much more.
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EARN AS THEY LEARN Children 'learn-by-doing' it themselves, as they gain confidence with money. Budgeting pocket money, monitoring spending, creating savings plans and learning responsibility through chores. Uniquely children can fundraise their saving goals by doing odd-jobs or from special occasions.
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MAKING MONEY FUN Money doesn't have to be boring, particularly as HootLoot takes care of all the book-keeping. Parents can instantly see how much a child has to spend, and what savings are for. Plus there's no advertising, just simply encouragement to achieve and build a more financially secure future.
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Better financial habits start here! Individual savings goals with tailored saving plans, milestone achievements, weekly updates and much more. Whether its next month or next decade, HootLoot will keep children on track to reach them on time. Quicker? Use HootLoot's goal fundraising, whether its money from odd-jobs or gifts for special occasions - it all adds up!

Whether it's the Bank of Mum and Dad or simply the family payments clerk, let HootLoot simplify the whole pocket money process. Reminders and alerts, track chores, payments & outstanding balances. Whatever your family's practices, it's all taken care of in a simple and fun way that helps children develop better financial habits as they learn responsibility.

Bring everything together for the complete financial picture. Move from meaningless numbers to a world where children can visualise their objectives and progress. Beyond pocket money and saving goals, keep track of balances at the Bank of Mum & Dad, bank accounts and Junior ISA accounts. Weekly updates, saving and spending history, transaction statements, balance breakdowns and much more.

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