The only children's money website that prepares them for the future.

HootLoot is and isn't

Why HootLoot?

Get the Savings Habit

Children learn to plan, budget and save with individual goals and saving tools. HootLoot helps children to make their own decisions, monitor progress and achieve their goals - lessons that will help them through life.


Earning & learning

Turn pocket money into an educational experience, as children link earning, saving and spending. Children learn to prioritise wants and needs, forgoing today for a better tomorrow.



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HootLoot is the only website that allows children to fundraise their goals. Get friends and neighbours to pay for odd-jobs or baby-sitting directly into a goal and share the experience. HootLoot enables family and friends to pitch-in together for birthday and christmas presents normally out of reach.


It's about Knowledge

Built on the principles of education and information rather than control, HootLoot gives children the knowledge and understanding to make the right decisions and understand the consequences. Everything starts with trust.


I'm Doing It, By Myself

Children gain practical money experience without the consequences of getting it wrong. Bank Statements, Balance Sheets and other complex concepts are broken down into simple and easy to understand building blocks.


One Less Stress

Always know how much there is to spend, how much is in the Bank of Mum and Dad. HootLoot takes care of budgeting and bookkeeping as well as day to day issues such as outstanding pocket money chores.


That Works For Us

You don’t need to change your habits and practices, let alone open a new bank account. HootLoot is designed to work with your systems, not replace them. JISA, CTF, bank account, piggy-bank - no problem. HootLoot is compatible with all.


It's the Environment

The only children's money website that saves the environment as it saves money. Our eCards and fundraising platform cut the cost and the waste of cards, paper... even those unwanted presents.


Ad Free

You won’t find any advertising on HootLoot. We’re parents too, and we have built a platform that we want our own children to use, free from the pressure of advertising and monetisation.


Professionals In Charge

Built and run by financial professionals, HootLoot benefits from the knowledge and experience of people who have done this for a living.


Who are we?

Introducing David...

Having worked in the Banking and Finance industry for over two decades, David is more than familiar with the sector.

Prior to joining forces with Ale to launch HootLoot, he was a Managing Director of a major international bank and has worked in various trading and managerial roles throughout the UK, the US, and Australia.

What's more, he's been licensed with the UK's financial regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA and previously with the FSA) and the US securities regulator, FINRA – so he certainly knows his stuff! He consults to the UK courts and legal sector.

But it's not all about banking... when he's not working on HootLoot, you'll find David taking care of his two young children and enjoying a spot of DIY.

Introducing Ale...

Ale is a media professional, working as a freelance web/video producer and a mum of two young children. 

In her previous life, Ale policed the financial sector working as a credit risk manager for large financial institutions in Europe and the US. 

Having witnessed first hand the financial crisis and the destruction it brought, Ale became committed to ensuring that new generations of children were equipped with the knowledge and skills to make sound financial decisions. 

This is where the idea of HootLoot came from.