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How To Be The Bank Of Mum And Dad

Posted by David G. Evans on 2nd June 2016

The relationship between parents and children around money can have a profound effect upon a child's financial independence in later life. Properly done, a child can develop habits that will guide them through adulthood. Done poorly, parents may never escape being the Bank of Mum and Dad.

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10 easy steps to saving

Posted by David G. Evans on 6th May 2016

Getting children (and parents) into the savings habit is easy, and very beneficial. Here are 10 easy steps to saving that will help them develop better money habits to last a lifetime.

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Care About Inheritance Tax

Posted by David G. Evans on 22nd April 2016

Inheritance Tax (IHT) is a ticking bomb that won't go away. Effective transfer of assets to loved ones is possible, but it may take some planning. HootLoot summarises the issue and options available.

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Junior ISA Clock Is Ticking

Posted by David G. Evans on 28th March 2016

Choosing the right Junior ISA for your child is not a simple decision. Here's a couple of ideas that you may not be aware of, but may influence your JISA investing decision.

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The Lifetime ISA (LISA)

Posted by David G. Evans on 16th March 2016

The UK Chancellor has announced the introduction of the Lifetime ISA (LISA) in the 2016 Budget. Here's why HootLoot views it as a missed opportunity for children.

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a gift for the future

Posted by David G. Evans on 16th December 2015

When considering what to buy children this Christmas, consider a gift for their future, or one that may value throughout their lifetime.

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Top investment choices for children

Posted on 19th October 2015

In this infographics HootLoot looks at the return on investment of different investments strategies for children's money over a period of 10 years

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