a gift for the future

Posted by David G. Evans on 16th December 2015

When considering what to buy children this Christmas, consider a gift for their future, or one that may value throughout their lifetime.

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Earn pocket money and learn to sell

Posted by Alessia Giustiniano on 12th October 2015

Have you thought of teaching your children to sell they pre-loved toys and clothes on Ebay?

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quick tips to save money for children

Posted by Alessia Giustiniano on 5th October 2015

An easy way for your children to earn some extra cash and get crafty. Cut, glue, stick and paint, make DIY cards from recycled materials! Saving money with HootLoot has never been this fun!

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Worthy Causes Children Love To Help

Posted by Alessia Giustiniano on 18th January 2015

Nurture your child's kind nature by getting him/her to fundraise with HootLoot this Christmas. We have compiled a list of worthy causes specifically for children.

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Glittery stars sparkly candles and glowing bottles

Posted by Alessia Giustiniano on 10th December 2014

Easy DIY crafts that kids can make during Christmas and winter festivities.

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Top 10 mind blowing travel destinations for kids

Posted by Alessia Giustiniano on 21st October 2014

HootLoot has compiled a list of the most amazing destinations for kids, taking into account the "wow" factor, learning opportunities, inspirational value and the experience of a deep connection with nature.

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What's all this about HootLoot?

Posted on 19th June 2014

What isHootloot

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