Toys - When Less Might Mean More

Posted on 10th August 2014

As reported in a recent survey by the market research firm NPD group, the British people spend a whopping 3bn each year on toys. Their yearly expenditure per child is higher than everybody else in the western world, including the US at 260 ($438)! This would be equivalent to a lump sum of 3,330 on the child's 11th birthday (not that we're suggesting to stop buying toys altogether).

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Prepaid Children's Debit Cards and Consumerism

Posted by David G. Evans on 28th July 2014

The Guardian writes about digital pocket money, or more accurately prepaid debit cards for children and makes a raises a very interest statement - that "we risk raising a generation of mini-consumers". We would have liked to have more analysis on the issue, but unfortunately that is really the extent of it.

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