a gift for the future

Posted by David G. Evans on 16th December 2015

When considering what to buy children this Christmas, consider a gift for their future, or one that may value throughout their lifetime.

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Goal Based Investing

Posted by David G. Evans on 10th November 2014

The investment strategy for your children's money is an important decision. HootLoot looks at goal based investing as a preferred option.

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The power of compounding

Posted on 10th October 2014

We recently stumbled upon this great quote from Albert Einstein: “Compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world, if you understand it, you earn it….if you don’t… you pay it”, and we thought it would be a good idea to dedicate this week’s infofriday to it !

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Posted by David G. Evans on 1st October 2014

How Children's Investments Have Performed

Posted on 5th September 2014

This week we take a look at investment options for children. We have taken £1,000 invested in 2005 (launch of the Child Trust Fund) and looked at how investment options would have performed.

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Junior ISAs may not be the holy grail

Posted by David G. Evans on 22nd August 2014

Junior ISAs on the face of it seem great. A tax sheltered investment for your children, encouraging you and them to save for their future. But are they really the best solution for kids or is it a case of one size doesn’t fit all?

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