pocket money halifax survey august 2015

Posted by Alessia Giustiniano on 3rd September 2015

pocket money halifax survey august 2015

The latest data on pocket money shows that children's allowance has never really recovered since the financial crisis, albeit parents today remain more generous than 20 years ago. HootLoot believes this is due to higher costs passed down to children in relation to media and technology.

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Paying Children For Chores

Posted on 23rd January 2015

Different parenting styles to rewarding children with extra money for house chores.

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The first time with pocket money

Posted by Alessia Giustiniano on 25th September 2014

After all the talking about it, we finally put our research into practice and started paying pocket money to our 3 going on 4 year old boy. As we discuss in a previous post, financial habits are already formed by the age of 7, hence the importance of introducing financial responsibility to kids at an early age.

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Pocket Money. What you need to know

Posted on 12th September 2014

We take a look at pocket money in Europe and in the UK, starting from the latest pocket money surveys recently released by ING and Halifax.

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The Pocket Money gender issue

Posted by Alessia Giustiniano on 20th August 2014

The latest data on the gender pay gap in the UK shows that women are earning only 80p for every 1 earned by men. Recently the UK Labour party calculated that it would take 60 more years to close this gap with the current policies in place.

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What's all this about HootLoot?

Posted on 19th June 2014

What isHootloot

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