How to set up Direct Debit


HootLoot is able to offer Premium Account holders the ability to use direct debit as well as Paypal to receive contributions towards Savings Goals. This is a more limited service and only is available for transactions within the UK and Europe at present, whereas Paypal works in most countries. 

Both users and contributors will need to be based in the UK or Europe. As it is a direct debit EU Bank Account  in order to make payments via Direct Debit. Users will receive their contributiosn directly into their bank account and will not need to manually transfer the money as is required with Paypal.

There is no commitment, no contract and no other fees with Direct Debit.


How to set up direct debit.

    1. In the Parent settings tab - click the button "ADD DIRECT DEBIT"
    2. Enter the answer to your security question and click continue. If you have forgotten the question, hover your mouse over the help icon to the right of the pop up screen.
    3. In the top panel labelled "Create your account", fill in your personal details
    4. In the middle panel labelled "Merchant details", choose Individual in the first question
    5. Enter your name in the second field. Your guests will see this when they contribute
    6. Enter a description such as "HootLoot Saving Goals"
    7. Enter your phone number so that they can contact you in case of a problem
    8. Enter one valid ID - either a passport or drivers licence
    9. Enter your date of birth, including full year
    10. In the Section - "Add a bank account" enter your banking details of where you want the money to go
    11. Click the button at the bottom - "CREATE AN ACCOUNT"
    12. The next screen connects to your HootLoot account. Click the "CONNECT" button. Make sure the correct email address is at the top of the page
    13. You should be taken back to your "SETTINGS" page where you will receive a pop up message telling you that your account has been successfully created.


How to remove your direct debit.

    1. In the Parent settings tab - click the button "DE-AUTHORISE" and the account will be instantly removed.