1. General Site Information

How does it work

Please see our HOW IT WORKS page for an overview of HOOTLOOT.


How long will it take to open an account

It only takes a few seconds to open an account. To start with we only need a few pieces of information. 

Even easier - use the Facebook or Twitter sign up buttons.


What is the difference between HootLoot and other children's money websites?

HootLoot is about savings and building for the future. The primary intention of HootLoot is to build a platform where children can identify and save towards their long term goals. As parents with relatives who live too far to see regularly, we understand the desire to play a meaningful part in a loved ones life. One of our unique features is the ability to allow family and friends to share in the achievement of these goals. In deciding to build HootLoot we found that most other children's site were primarily focused on consumption and spending, so we believed there to be an opportunity to provide something different.


What information do I need to open a HootLoot account?

To open an account we only require some basic information from the parent

Date of birth
email address

When opening an account, you will need to create a password. The passwords need to have a minimum of 8 characters with at least one capital, one lower case and a number. We suggest that you make this as strong as possible to avoid


Why can't a child open an account

We require a parent to open an account as our payment systems need to be opened by an adult. Paypal and GoCardless will not currently allow children to have accounts.

Once a parent has opened an account, they can open their children's accounts.


How much does it cost?

The basic features of HootLoot are provided free. These include Short Term Savings Goals, Calculators and our Tools and Resouces. This will enable you to create savings goals and invite family and friends to help children achieve them. Individual Savings Goals can run for up to 3 months for free.


What if I want to keep the savings goals for longer?

If you want to keep the savings goals for a longer period then you can sign up for one of our Premium Accounts. A Premium Account only costs £1 per month and unlocks a host of extra features.


What is the Premium Account

The Premium account includes all the free features plus

  1. Long Term Savings Goals that are held indefinitely
  2. The ability to transfer the results from our Calculators and create new Long Term Savings Goals.
  3. Our Memories - an electronic greeting card which allows family and friends to leave a messages when they make a contribution. Unlike paper cards, our Memories are retained  indefinitely - allowing parents and children to always be able to look back at those who helped make it possible and the message that they left.
  4. Our great Pocket Money tool to manage kids pocket money. See here for more information
  5. The ability to use GoCardless for


How do I pay for a Premium Account?




2. Account Opening

How long will it take to open an account

What information do you need to open an account

What identification do you need to open an account




3. Account Services

I’ve forgotten my username?
Click on the login button and then on ' Forgotten your username' button

I’ve forgotten my username?
Click on the login button and then on ' Forgotten your password' button

How do I add a child to my HootLoot account?

Children can be added through the Account management section of the parent account. Click on the 'add a child button'.


Can my pages be found on search engines?
No. All of our users pages have been created so that they will not appear in any searches

What happens if our pages fall into the public Domain?
We have extensive analytics monitoring all of our users pages. If one of the pages starts to receive an unusual amount of visits we will be alerted.

Further each of the guests that you invite are provided with their own unique link. We will be able to determine which of your guests's invitation has been used to gain access to your Home Page.

4. Account features

Are there any fees?

Why is there a premium version

Why is there a fee for the premium account?

There are a number of

We need to be around a long time. Some of our users sign up at birth and create goals that mature when they turn 18. We need to be there when they mature so we need to have a sustainable business model that will ensure this.

We have great plans beyond the site as it currently is that we think you'll like. We need to invest and develop to turn these into a reality.

We also have bills and running costs to keep everything operating smoothly.

We think the monthly fee is small compared to the unique service, benefits and information that we provide.

Is there a trial for the premium account?

How is the membership paid?





5. Background


How long has the site been around for

How long will the site be around

Who is behind the site?




6. Money and Payment Systems

How is my money transferred

Why are there 2 different payment systems

Can I use money in my paypal to purchase other things

Can I pay my subscription using Paypal

Can I use my Paypal account

What happens with my saved money


Payment Systems

Why do you use Paypal?
As a startup, we decided to use Paypal as it means that we are not handling your money. Over time we hope to build your trust and confidence in HootLoot, but we understand how important security is. Traditional payment systems would require that we receive money into our bank account and then pay it out to our users. This represented an additional security risk to our users and would require that we store all of our users banks accounts on our databases.

Instead we decided on a system whereby we are not involved in the money transfer process and the money is paid directly from your friends and family to your account.

We also chose Paypal due to its international presence and ability to receive funds from most countries and in most currencies. Many systems are limited in what they can process so will not work for our users with contributing friends and families overseas.




7. Security

How secure is my money

How secure is my data

How secure is the website




8. Confidentiality

How safe is my data

Will you sell my information to third parties

Why do you have advertising




9. Environment

What is the environmental benefits of this site

cards and paper


unwanted, multiple and excessive gifts



10. Social

Do you have a FaceBook page

Do you have a Twitter page

Do you have a Pinterest page

How can I stop HootLoot posting to my profile?



11. Contributing




12. Santa

Will my letter to Santa reach him in time

Will he respond?



13. Wishlists

What happens when an



14. Pocket Money

Do you use real money

What happens when I give my children spending money

How should I fund my childrens account

How do I change the pocket money