How Does It Work?


"Modern life revolves around money, and yet it is one of the only things we are left to figure out for ourselves" 

"Modern life revolves around money, and yet it is one of the only things we are left to figure out for ourselves" 

HootLoot is a website about money for children and parents.
HootLoot helps children learn financial responsiblity and prepares them for adulthood.
Children can create savings goals, monitor their pocket money and weekly chores, create wish-lists and so much more.

HootLoot, pocket money, children and money

HootLoot teaches children to plan, budget and save. It provides all the tools and resources as well as the bookkeeping that parents and children need.

hootloot, pocket money, children finance

Uniquely it enables family and friends to be involved and help achieve goals quicker through HootLoot's fundraising platform.

HootLoot has been designed by parents, for parents, and has a host of useful features to help you, and your child explore the world of money together. 

Special Features


The Better Way to Save

Get children into the right financial habits early. HootLoot Savings Goals allow children to create individual goals for anything they want to save for. Rather than mixing everything up, HootLoot will help them plan, budget and track their progress towards achieving each specific goal. Instantly see their progress and real time savings plans to understand what is required to achieve each goal.


The Smarter Approach to Pocket Money 

HootLoot Pocket Money allows parents and children to keep track of their allowances and outstandings. Children can tick off chores as they are completed and everyone can see what is outstanding at any time through dashboard and email notifications. Pocket Money can be automatically allocated towards savings goals. Earn extra by doing jobs for relatives or neighbours and watch their savings goals being achieved. Learn More


Dear Santa letter

Our Dear Santa Christmas feature allows kids to create a stocking wish list and write a letter to Santa.  Imagine the excitement when Santa writes them back! Learn More 


Don't Forget To Dream

Dreams and wishes are important, don't let them be forgotten with HootLoot WishLists. Record whatever children wish for - holiday ideas, things to do, cool ideas for presents or what ever takes their fancy. Share lists with mum or dad, ask Santa or even turn them into Savings Goals.


Take the Guesswork out of Saving

HootLoot Calculators make it easy for children to work out how much to save or how long it will take to reach a goal. When they're finished they can create a savings goal with the click of a button. (Learn More)


The Savvier Way to Achieve Goals

One of HootLoot's coolest features helps children to learn about crowd funding, one of the most popular fundraising methods online. 

HootLoot enables family and friends to contribute towards children’s savings goals. This could be used for keeping track of birthday money or to help your child fund their next big idea!

The Cooler Way to Share Your News

Expecting a new baby? Big birthday? Passed exams? Won an award? Whatever your children's announcement, you can save time, money and the environment by shouting about it through HootLoot's customisable Announcement cards. 

The cards celebrate your child’s “big event” and provide an easy way for friends and relatives to securely send gifts.