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INFOFRIDAY New Baby Economics

How much does a new baby cost? What do you really need to buy?

These are the recurring questions that every new parent-to-be is together excited and terrified to ask.

We have been there. Cuing up in the baby section of John Lewis, waiting for their experienced baby list "consultants" to help us navigate the hundreds different shelves populated with items that only few weeks earlier would have seemed completely alien to us and slightly crazy.

Who doesn't remember their first encounter with a breast-pump !? Or a baby snot sucker?

It is obvious that retailers will do everything in their power to exploit the strong emotions that are running wild in a family expecting a new baby. They have done their research, they know.

They know that expectant mummies have this strong nesting instinct that has the potential to turn them into wobbly purchase-monsters. They know grandmas could turn a recession into a bull market if only they would be allowed to unleash their impulsive buying forces without ending on the streets.

This is the reason why a baby can seriously break the bank. Somebody has to stay calm and focused, fight the raging hormones and take some time to properly research how to get the most out of your new baby shopping plan without taking on another mortgage, but most of all without killing the fun of buying all these cute baby things.

HootLoot is hopefully here to help you with this. In this week's infographic we looked at the cost of the most common items purchased by new parents during a baby's first year of life. (see below for information on how the cost was calculated)

We hope you find this useful ... congratulations  and happy nesting from the HootLoot team !!!

Cost new baby infographic HootLoot

We looked at the two most popular scenarios:

- The Standard new baby shopping trolley: where all items are middle range and bought new from high street brands like Mothercare, Next, H&M, Argos etc.

- The Luxury new baby shopping trolley: where all new items are higher range ones picked at higher quality retailers like John Lewis, Selfridges etc and specialty shops. We should note that this is not really a very luxury trolley as we have't included any really designer item. No mini gucci jeans or Fendi buggies. This is just a higher quality trolley with very popular brands like Stokke, Bugaboo, Grobag etc

We also offered a third scenario, the HootLoot's favourite one:

- The HootLoot baby shopping trolley consists of a mix of new and second hand items bought online from Ebay, Gumtree or your local charity shops. We like to buy new all those intimate items that go on the baby's skin like sleepsuits, onesies, hats, muslin squares that also happen to be used and washed too often to hold some true second hand value.  We propose to buy second hand all those durable items like buggies, car seats, cots, highchairs, baby monitors etc that retain a high second value. In this scenario we have still used high quality brands like bugaboo, stokke etc.

We definitely think you can achieve luxury with much less money than a standard choice, just taking sometime to shop around, using the power of Ebay and your local charity shops, doing your research on what a second hand item sells for.

You can use these tools also the other way around. You can buy top brands that you know have a good second hand market so you can easily sell them for a big fraction of the price you paid. In this way you can enjoy the pleasure of a high quality item, with a net expenditure similar to an average one.  This strategy has a powerful positive environmental impact too (if you care), because you are effectively recycling. At HootLoot we really want to keep an eye on the environmental impact of all things children, so  this is something we will promoting a lot and we will post more on these saving money strategies in the coming weeks, so stay tuned !

We also provide a very useful check list at the bottom, with all the most popular items that people will gather for a new baby. This does not contain only the bare essentials for survival, but also some items that we tested ourselves on our kids and agreed do actually add a lot of value to that tricky and magic first year of parenting.



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