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INFOFRIDAY - The value of a University degree worldwide

Happy Infofriday !

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As we have previously discussed, the overall cost of a University degree continues to rise and we know many of you are wondering if it's still worth the huge financial and human capital investment.

HootLoot investigated data available for some OECD countries for salaries of people with University education throughout their working life. We then compared it to the wages and salaries of those who did not graduate from high school.

As demonstrated in today's infographic, there is still a significant positive financial advantage in pursuing higher education.  Average graduate salaries remain well ahead everywhere in the world, with some differences in magnitude due to factors relevant to the country and field of study. (In the future we will look at which fields add the most value in financial terms).

It is interesting to see that the education earnings premium is smaller in countries where income redistribution in higher (e.g. Northern Europe) and higher in poorer countries with lower levels of redistribution and access to education. 

We have also compared the earnings of University graduates and non-graduates in the first years of their career for a small sample of countries.  The data demonstrates that at the beginning of a working life, the financial benefit is marginal and often negative accounting for the difference in time between when participants entered the work force. However it quickly shifts in favour of the graduate and grows steadily throughout the working life, peaking at around 50 years of age. 

It might be time to start thinking seriously about that college fund.




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