What's inside Hootloot?


Create goals in a safe environment and track progress.


Simplify pocket money with virtual payments and reminders..


Finish tasks in a breeze with interactive to-do lists.


Build your profile, collect rewards, and connect with friends.

How does it work?

for children

Children create their own profiles and owl character to get started
See daily chores to earn pocket money, manage spending money, and use longer term goals to save money.
Learn good money habits as a family, through rewards and social encouragement.

for grown-ups

Grown-ups create their own account, where they see an overview of the whole family.
Create chores, and automatically pay pocket money on completion.
By letting children control their own financies in a risk free environment, the whole family learns good money habits without the stress of pocket money.

Who's behind Hootloot?


Ale is a digital media specialist who previously worked as a credit risk manager for large financial institutions in Europe and the US.

Having witnessed the financial crisis first hand, Ale became committed to ensuring that new generations of children were equipped with the knowledge and skills to make sound financial decisions.


David has worked in the Banking and Finance industry for over twenty years. Before co-founding Hootloot, he was Managing Director of a major global bank.

He's been licensed with the UK's financial regulator, the FCA, and the US securities regulator, FINRA. Alongside Hootloot, David continues to advise on banking and finance issues.

Find answers to the questions we get asked the most about

  • How do I open a Hootloot account?

    A parent or carer signs up for a Hootloot family account by entering some basic details and creating their personalised owl avatar.

    After entering their details, the parent or carer then adds children.

  • Can a child sign up for Hootloot?

    At this stage this is not possible, but we plan to roll out child only accounts shortly. Please contact us if you are interested.

  • What information do I need?

    During the sign up process, we only require a name and email address (and a tastefully designed avatar).

  • How much does Hootloot cost?

    Hootloot is currently free for all users.

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