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Naturally born helpers

“I wanna help!”

 If you’re the parent of a young child, you’ve heard this phrase over and over again, maybe even this morning as you were getting ready for the day. Kids just can’t resist an opportunity to help others. Yes, they are self-centered attention seeking little beasts... but they also always want to help out.

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Psychologist Michael Tomasello studies social learning, communication and language in both human children and great apes. According to his studies, apes do not, by nature, show selflessness and kindness towards one another, but human children are a completely different story.

“They have an almost reflexive desire to help, inform and share. And they do so without expectation or desire for reward,” says Tomasello, as quoted in Stanford News. “There is very little evidence in any of these cases that children's altruism is created by parents or any other form of socialization."

As we grow up, we become more selective about when and towards whom we show kindness. Children are encouraged or discouraged by those around them to take initiative in helping others. Natural altruism usually becomes diluted as children grow up and adapt to the world around them, but it goes to show that...

..Humans are biologically wired for kindness. TWEET THIS ! 

All it takes to raise a compassionate person is a gentle nudge. Kids do not need to be convinced that giving and helping feels right; they already know. Giving to worthy causes and volunteering allow children follow their desire to love others and show them the real-life rewards.

Starting Early

 Even babies can make a difference. One of the best ways to start early is by visiting a nursing home with your children and getting to know an “adoptive grandparent.” So many nursing home residents do not have family members who live nearby. All it takes is a few visits a month to dramatically improve a lonely elderly person’s life.

Not only will your children make someone smile, they’ll also have an opportunity to learn about the past and expand their perspective on life. They’ll realize that one does not need to be blood-related to be treated like family.

As your kids get older, allow them to choose causes to support and guide them along the way. A passion for animals can turn into a career as your child develops relationships with people in the field and establishes lifelong expertise. Kids who love being outdoors can grow up to make a positive impact on the environment. Foster your children’s passions, and their will to do good will never fade.

Fundraising with HootLoot

HootLoot has recently launched a contribution platform that allows children, or parents on their behalf, to raise money for charities or causes they care for.  

It is very easy to use and only requires to register with HootLoot and to link a PayPal account to collect the contributions. Children can choose a project they would like to raise money for, set this as a saving goal and share with family and friends. They can create their own e-cards with photos, details of the projects and links... and that's it! HootLoot will collect the funds on their behalf and make sure everyone is properly thanked for and kept up to date on the project. Take a peek to see how it works.

The Family That Volunteers Together…

For best results, volunteer together, as a family. Rounding up the kids to help your community, school, hospital or animal shelter makes for much more valuable together time than sharing a large popcorn on family movie night. It also won’t cost an arm and a leg.

According to, volunteering as a family “increases interpersonal communication and the problem-solving abilities of family members.” When you and your kids are compassionate towards others, you learn to be more compassionate with each other. Your dinnertime discussions can involve experiences you’ve shared while volunteering, and your life lessons will mean so much more when they’re put to action. 

The cause to which you contribute does not matter. What truly matters is that your kids feel a personal connection and see the results of their hard work and sacrifices.




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