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Should We Pay Children For Chores?

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Nicki Cawood is a freelance writer, copywriter and blogger. She is also a mum to two boys, Kieran 8yrs and Taylor 4yrs. We asked Nicki what she thought of giving children pocket money for completing their chores:


Should We Pay Our Children For Doing Their Chores

Paying children for doing jobs around their own home is a topic that has been at the forefront of many a parenting forum debate over the years. Personally I can see and understand all points of view on this one although find myself planted firmly in the middle of the issue (more on this shortly).


Children Should Do Chores Because It’s Part Of Family Life

There are parents whose position in this debate is that they personally feel there is something wrong with paying children when they are just contributing to family life.  Children should do their jobs, behave and do well in school because that’s what is expected of them, end of story.


I Give My Children Pocket Money Regardless

Other parents choose to give their children an allowance weekly or monthly without the stipulation of having to do any jobs around the house. This pocket money might be purely for treats or for older children / teenagers to also buy their own essentials like clothing, shoes, school material.


The Middle Ground

This is where my family reside. Our eight year old for example has certain responsibilities. He must keep his room tidy, he sets and clears the table, helps with washing up a few times a week, sorts the recycling with his little brother and other assorted tasks. We don’t reward him for being “good” because that’s a given, as is him doing his homework and remembering not to stick his brother to the wall with super glue (regardless of how many times he messes with his Lego).

We firmly believe that our children should earn pocket money for the extras they want, that they should have a good grasp of what things cost and their value. We want them to understand that saving up for what they want is a much better alternative to using credit and relying on the instant gratification that comes with buying things not budgeted for and ending up in debt.

When at school we didn’t have any real financial education which I feel has gone a long way to the mess that many of our generation have got themselves into. Our aim is to educate our boys so they don’t have to suffer the same consequences many others have.


Who is Right?

Who is doing it the best way? Is it us who are trying to instil a deep respect for money? Is it those who feel a childhood is for growing and living, not doing chores? Perhaps the parents who feel chores should be a given rather than something done to gain financial reward have it spot on. I don’t think any of these opinions are wrong. The beauty of parenting is that you have the freedom to choose what is right for your own family therefore we are all doing it right, if not differently to each other.

Whatever your opinion (and do comment because I’d love to hear what others feel about this) the great thing in living in these modern times is that there is a wealth of information and handy tools available for helping  children to learn to appreciate money, save and understand the need for budgeting should we wish to take advantage of them.



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