Privacy & Security

As parents and as banking industry professionals, we cannot overemphasise the importance of HootLoot's founding principles - privacy, security and confidentiality.

HootLoot operates completely independently so it doesn't matter if you store your children's money in a bank, a piggybank or with mum and dad. HootLoot does not link to your child's bank account or hold your child's money.

Privacy and Security

You can use all of HootLoot's features without disclosing any confidential information about you or your children to us. 

Any information you provide is to improve your in-site experience and will only be used within the site.

We don't track, use or disclose information from our user's accounts.

We do not collect user data for the purposes of targeted advertising.

We intentionally don't touch your money. If you allow family and friends to contribute to your child's savings goals, we trust any money transfers to our partners - some of the largest and most sophisticated players in the market. This is mostly for your security as we take your privacy and security very seriously. 

We do not store any confidential user information in the cloud. HootLoot is run on a dedicated, PCI compliant server (that's the type used to store credit card information!)

We believe that you should be in charge of your information and who has access to it. We have built HootLoot to ensure this doesn't change.

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact us.