The Environment

The Environmental benefit

Through HootLoot, you are also doing something beneficial to the environment and reducing your carbon footprint. Take a minute and think about the raw materials and energy used and ultimately greenhouse gases that are produced in the simple act of giving of a present to a loved ones. The wrapping paper, the cards and envelopes, the packaging, plastic bags not to mention the item itself.

Spare a thought for the amount of unwanted or unused presents that are given every year, purely for the sake of giving. Don't get us wrong.....we love giving and receiving presents, but we are also conscious of our impact and sought to find an alternative. Also think about the economics. Typically you have to travel to get a present, pay for all the ancillary items that are immediately discarded in addition to the cost of the present itself. 

We love the idea of cards and particularly the personal messages they contain, but we wanted to use technology to allow us to store them forever and retrieve them whenever we want. We wanted to keep the personal link between the giver and the receiver, so we created a platform to make this more permanent. If you choose to contribute you will be asked to leave a message. This message will be kept indefinitely, so that it can be looked back on in years to come and remembered.