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Worthy Causes Children Will Love

Nurture your child's kind nature by getting him/her to fundraise with Hootloot this Christmas. Animals, people and the environment - all good causes that have thousands of charities across the UK crying out for support. Getting your children involved in charitable giving will teach them to connect to other people, animals and our planet and in the process build a sense of belonging. 

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We have compiled a list of few ideas and causes that your child or teenager might like to help with:


Battersea Dogs Home HootLoot fundraising and donations

Fundraise for Dogs and Cats 
Battersea Dogs and Cats Home or your Local Animal Centre

Find your local animal shelter and contact them about donations. If you watch Paul O’Grady at Battersea and you want to raise funds, the Battersea Dogs and Cats website has lots of ideas for fund raising events.  


Woodlands trust HootLoot fundraising and donations

Dedicate a tree or an area of woodland 
The Woodland Trust

Donate to protect the UK’s woods and natural animal habitats or visit your town hall and ask them about any schemes they have to protect wildlife in your area. The woodland trust has a lovely scheme that lets you dedicate parts of UK woodland areas from as little as £15 for a single tree all the way up to £3,000 for a whole acre with a bench.


 Royal Volunteer Service HootLoot fundraising and donations

Help the Elderly
The Royal Voluntary Service

The Royal Voluntary Service helps elderly people to get out and about and meet other people so they don’t get lonely. Raise funds or donate to make a difference in someone’s life.

World Wildlife Fund HootLoot fundraising and donations  Adopt a Wild Animal  
The World Wildlife Fund

From £3 a month, or a one off payment, you can adopt a wild animal. There are plenty to choose from, including Bengal tigers, rhino’s and turtles.  


whizz-kidz HootLoot fundraising and donations 

Help Disabled Children

Whiz-Kidz is a charity that helps wheelchair bound children to grow up confident and happy. Hold a Whiz-Kidz quiz to raise money at home, participate in an event or send a one-off donation.


Hanne Howard Fund HootLoot fundraising and donations 

Sponsor a child in Africa though education
Hanne Howard Fund

Our friends at Hanne Howard Fund have done great work in rescuing orphan children in Africa, providing them with shelter and education. Your children can help through monthly packages that start from as little as £7 ($US10) per month. It is a lovely experience to exchange emails, photos and stories with their African brothers or sisters!


Friends of the Earth HootLoot fundraising and donations

Look After Our Environment
Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth deals with environmental issues locally and around the world and rely on donations from individuals.


Knitting for Charity HootLoot fundraising and donations 

Knitting for good Causes
Knitting for Charity

The UK Hand Knitting Association has a great list of various charities that need help through knitting. If you or your child enjoys knitting, this is a fun way to help. Otherwise you can donate to buy wool, needles and postage.

 hootloot city farm

Donate to your local City Farm

One for the city folk… Google, ‘city farm’ and the name of your town and have a look at the farms in your area. Their website will tell you how to donate and visiting is a great way to keep in touch with farms and our food chain.


Also keep a look out on supermarket noticeboards, at your local library or community centre and ask at the Town Hall.

If you've got other ideas that we've forgotten, leave them on our facebook page.



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