4 Easy Steps to Save Money for Kids...

...while having fun and recycling!

The giving and receiving of cards is such a tradition, whether it be for birthdays, Christmas, special occasions or even just to make others feel better. In fact there is a card for absolutely any (and we mean ANY) occasion. But have you looked at the prices of cards these days? Ridiculous!

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In London they regularly start at £2.50 and keep marching upwards, where prices of £4 or £5 are not absurd. Add in wrapping paper and ribbon and the discarded accompaniment to presents starts to add up. Multiply this by the number of child parties each year and one quickly arrives at a not-insignificant amount of money. 

Here are some easy tips to make the best DIY cards with recycled materials that will keep your children busy. All you need is some thick paper, glue and scissors and before long you're in the greeting card business. Each one a designer original.

  1. Buy card paper sheets in bulk. There are some lovely colorful packs selling on eBay for few pounds or use some of the drawings the kids have done at school. (Carefully select and put away the best ones... for the memories)
  2. Collect all the wonderful cards your family has received for birthdays and other occasions.
  3. Arm your children with safety scissors and organise fun cutting sessions. As we’re sure you’re aware, children love cutting things, any things, often the wrong things. Give them a pile of cards of varying patterns and images and they will be happily engaged for hours practicing their fine motor skills. What is left over is a great source of material for some lovely hand made recycled cards!
  4. Add some craft supplies (glitter, stars, pom-poms etc.) for that “professional touch”.

saving money, kid money, card making, recycling, kids crafts

card making, kids crafts, saving money, kids money, pocket money


Of course it is lovely to receive cards and they are cherished… for a little while. But don't you feel guilty of buying expensive pieces of paper that inevitably are thrown in the recycling bin?

This is a fantastic way to keep all the good things of exchanging cards, without any of the downsides. 

Given that the children do all the work, it is only fair that the money saved gets put towards the HootLoot savings goals of their choice.

Happy saving!

card making, kids crafts, save money, hootloot, pocket money



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