Child Tax Credits

What are they?

Tax credits are payments made from the government to support families with children. They are separate from Working Tax Credit but are means tested, meaning that if you earn more than the income threshold you are not eligible.

What do I need to know?

  • you can get a credit for each child under 16 (or under 20 and in education or training)
  • you need to be responsible for that child, meaning they live with you or are financially dependent on you
  • you don’t need to be working to claim
  • payments are means tested
  • if you don’t renew by the deadline, payments will stop
  • Child Tax Credit won’t affect your Child Benefit
  • Only one household can receive the Child Tax Credit

How much can I get?

This is not a simple answer and it depends upon a number of factors, including salary and  childcare costs. You could be eligible for a basic payment (family element) of £545 per year per child plus additional payments depending upon your circumstances per the following table.

Child tax credit family element £545 £545
Child element  £2,720 £2,750 
Disabled child element £3,015   £3,100
Severly disabled child element £1,220   £1,255

An estimate can be calculated using the Tax Credit Calculator.

How to Apply

If you aren’t already claimed, the best place to start is to call the Tax Credit helpline on 0345 300 3900 and they will send you out the necessary forms.  Forms are not available online. 


Every tax year those who receive Child Tax Credit (and Working Tax Credits) will be sent a renewal pack by 30 June. You’ll need to complete and return this by 31st July.

You can renew your tax credits online if you have an ‘annual review’ with code TC 603 R or an ‘annual declaration’ with code TC 603 D. See here for further details about renewing online.

Otherwise you need to renew by post or phone (0345 300 3900)

See here for further information on renewing

More Information?

See the Government’s site on Child Tax Credit.

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